100% Pure Beeswax Taper Candles

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These 100% beeswax tealight candles make the perfect housewarming gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, or any other gift you can think of! The first thing you will smell out of the box is the sweet smell of honey which is the natural scent of pure beeswax. Our beeswax is completely natural made by bees on Texas farms. We source our beeswax from an apiary in north Texas and supports the conservation of our local bee population. There is nothing added to the beeswax and it is completely natural and organic. These tealight candles will provide up to three hours of warmth & light with the cozy, sweet, and subtle scent of natural honey.

Since these beeswax candles are completely natural & hand poured, there can be some variation in color and some tiny, minor imperfections. It's completely normal, and a sign that you have an all natural product. It is said that beeswax releases negative ions into the air when burned which can purify the air around it. If you suffer from allergies, these are perfect for you since there is nothing added. It's all been made by the little bees here in Texas, and comes with the natural scent of honey!

Wicks: 100% Cotton Square Braided Wick.
Wax: 100% Natural/Pure Beeswax sourced from a Texas apiary.
Fragrance: None! It's the sweet & subtle scent of natural honey.
Net weight: 0.5oz
Burn Time: 2-3 hours.

- Clean burning with no soot or smoke.
- Perfect for people with allergies.
- 100% pure beeswax sourced from a local Texas apiary.
- Non-toxic
- Sweet, subtle scent of natural honey.
- Beeswax burns stronger/brighter than normal candles.

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